• Group Fiddle with Max Wolpert
  • Alexander Technique Workshop: Mindful Performing
  • The Wretched Recitative

Group Fiddle with Max Wolpert

Are you looking to expand your violin skills? Have you ever been interested in learning traditional fiddle tunes? We have the workshops for you!

These workshops are open to all instruments, all ages, and all levels – no prior experience with traditional music is necessary!

Max is offering two workshops of two different genres. Join him for one, or both of these collaborative classes!

Group Fiddle – Old-Time
This workshop delves into the rich repertoire of tunes and songs from the American old-time tradition. Working by ear, we will collaborate on learning and arranging a tune, internalizing the delightfully crooked rhythms and furious drive of the Appalachian fiddle style. Students will come away from the workshop not only knowing a new tune, but having gained experience in improvising a solo, accompanying their colleagues, and exploring traditional ornamentation.

*Open to all instruments, all ages, and all levels – no prior experience with traditional music is necessary!

When: April 13th, 1:00-3:00PM

Price: $75

Where: Dana V. Music, 901 Front Street Suite B150, Louisville (Large Ensemble Room)

Group Fiddle – Scottish
In this class, we will explore a variety of rousing dance tunes from Scotland. Working by ear, we will collaborate on learning and arranging a reel, pibroch, jig, or strathspey, incorporating the verve, bounce,and glittering ornamentation of this tradition. Students will come away from the workshop not only knowing a new tune, but having gained experience in harmonizing by ear, improvising a solo, and accompanying their colleagues.

*Open to all instruments, all ages, and all levels – no prior experience with traditional music is necessary!

When: April 27th, 1:00-3:00PM

Price: $75

Where: Dana V. Music, 901 Front Street Suite B150, Louisville (Large Ensemble Room)

Meet Max Wolpert!

Fiddler, composer, and storyteller Max Wolpert conjures up monsters and myth where the traditional, classical, and theatrical meet.

Drawing from tradition both musical and mythological, Max Wolpert makes music inspired by stories from around the world. Whether built upon the verve and bounce of an Irish jig, the endearing asymmetry of a Welsh pipe tune, or the drive of a Virginian breakdown, Max's pieces are crafted with taut detail and a flair for the dramatic honed over years as a pit musician, conductor, and orchestrator for theatrical productions.

Max's first viola concerto, Giants, wields the unsung hero of the orchestra to call up singing harps, dancing stormclouds, and a fiendishly ticking clock inexorably counting down to the end of the world.

His three string quartets, Myths, Lid un Tantsn, and Song of Four, serve as pedagogical tools to introduce the classical musician to traditional forms and improvisation, and in performance bring forth an Irish war goddess, two enchanted ravens, a young girl with dreams of piracy, and a ferociously contrapuntal chase through a twisting labyrinth.

Max is dedicated to music education and a passionate advocate for new music. His work has been performed by the Colorado Symphony, Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra, Bemidji Symphony Orchestra, and Musique sur la Mer Chamber Orchestra, and at the American Repertory Theater,International Music Festival of Gramado, Brazil, and the Minster in York, England. Max teaches at Naropa University, the University of Colorado, Rocky Ridge Music Academy, Dana V Music, and Mountainside Music Academy. He encourages his students and collaborators to explore stories and traditions that spark the imagination, and to bring forth the outlandish, the macabre, and the magic inherent in music.

To learn more, please visit www.maxwolpertmusic.com 


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Alexander Technique Workshop: Mindful Performing

Come explore with us!

Would you like to feel a closer connection to your voice or your instrument?  Do you sometimes feel like, when you pick up your instrument or start to perform, that it is not a part of you?  Do you want to have a better understanding of the connection between you and your instrument or voice in performing?  Do you feel tension or limitations getting in your way as you work to express your musicianship?

We have the workshops for you!

Mindful Performing: Using Alexander Technique in Music Practice and Performance

Offering Two Workshops (Youth and Adult):

Please scroll down for more information  

1) (YOUTH) Friday, April 12:  Ages 8-14, 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Price:  $75

In this class, you will learn:

Explore the fundamentals of Alexander Techniques as you participate in fun games and activities that will help young students find connection between their sensory world and musical skill development.

  • Ways of expressing yourself through your pieces
  • About your whole body instrument
  • How to discover play in practice

Students are asked to bring with them:  

Comfortable Clothes

Instrument or Voice

One brief piece that they will be prepared to present during the second half of class.

(students will be asked to give song title and music for accompanist after registration)

2) (ADULT) Saturday, April 13:  Ages 15-Adult, 1:00-5:00 p.m.

Price:  $150

Join Molly Kittle and Dana Vachharajani as they guide you through fun activities and games that will help performers internalize the fundamentals of Alexander Technique.  The first half of the workshop will guide students through fundamentals while the second half will focus on performing with expression and interpretation of chosen music. Be prepared to work hands on with Molly Kittle and explore expression with Dana Vachharajani.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn some tools for accessing more ease, strength, flexibility, freedom of expression.
  • Learn how to re-direct tension and nerves into something useful!
  • Learn to feel/create a connection between your instrument, your skill, and yourself.

Participants will be asked to bring:

Instrument or Voice

Comfortable Clothes

One brief piece or excerpt that you are prepared to present.  Feel free to bring a piece that might cause some frustration in practice!  Something you want to work on. (Accompanist provided)

Wait... what exactly IS Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique is beneficial for everyone! It is a practical hands-on study of the principles of coordination, habit, movement, and awareness. Through light touch and basic anatomical information, this technique helps you to access innate coordination, achieving ease, grace, comfort, strength, and flexibility. It helps with instrument playing and performing, activities of everyday life, performance anxiety, injury rehabilitation, and chronic pain. Teachers of the Alexander work help you notice how and when you are working harder than you need, to realize your habitual movement patterns, and learn to make changes on your own. Step out of your box and learn to positively improve your body in a comfortable group environment!


Who are Molly Kittle and Dana Vachharajani?

Molly Kittle

As a teacher, musician, and artist, Molly Kittle’s mission is to empower her students and clients with tools to find ease, depth, and freedom in any activity. Not only is she passionate about conveying the power of natural movement and mechanics, she intends to help people access their own unique innateness and grace, so that they may lead richer, more meaningful lives. During her undergraduate and postgraduate studies where she majored in Vocal Performance, Molly encountered the Alexander work. Inspired by the vocal and expressive freedom she found as a result of studying the technique, she discovered her passion for working with musicians and serving others through this innovative method.

Molly holds a Bachelor of Music degree in classical vocal performance from University of Denver and has graduate education in voice performance and pedagogy from Northwestern University. Molly’s experience and love of performing is quite versatile, spanning the genres of opera, Baroque, contemporary classical, jazz, and world folk styles. Additional training includes the International Institute of Vocal Arts in Italy, extensive training in the Body-Breath-Sound technique method, and certification through the Contemporary Alexander School, which is part of the Alexander International Alliance. Molly has trained in the Southwest, Pacific Northwest (USA), and Japan, and is honored to be a part of an international community doing such important and empowering work.

Dana Vachharajani holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University (BFA’97) and The Juilliard School (MM ’01). She has had a career defined by singing at top venues, public education, and creating and running a private music school. 

In her performance career, she found success playing many opera roles while commanding an extensive oratorio repertoire (Cantatas in Context). Ms. Vachharajani has appeared at major music festivals around the world including  The Aspen Music Festival where she performed under Maestro David Zinman in Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Dana was the 2005 winner of the Boulder Chorale Young Artist Competition, performing with both the Boulder Chorale and Philharmonic Orchestra. She also performed as a soloist with The Boulder Bach Festival and The Boulder Chamber Ballet. In her performance career, she also had the honor of performing as a soloist in Alice Tully Hall (Mira Bai Songs). 

Ms. Vachharajani applies her performance experiences to her passion for teaching. Her instruction has taken her from inner-city New York public schools to private study, to lecturing and guiding performance master classes. Her goal is to make learning music and art a memorable, positive, and fun experience. 

You can view Dana's full bio here!



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The Wretched Recitative

Ever notice that right before a beautiful aria there is that section of sung material that leads up to it? Yep, that is a recitative.

Join this workshop and learn about the why’s and how’s of the recitative. Singers will choose their pieces and work in depth on how to connect their recitative in a meaningful way to their aria.

Join Bjorn Arvidsson as he guides you through this fascinating course.

When: Friday, April 19th (6-8PM) & Saturday, April 20th (4-6PM)

Where: Dana V. Music, 901 Front Street, Louisville, Large Ensemble Room

Price: $150


See below the preparation and expectations requested from Bjorn:

Hello fellow singers! I want to thank you for signing up for the Recitative Class; I hope and believe it’ll be fun and educational. Before we meet, however, I do have some wishes..

1: I’d like enough copies of your recit (piano-score with text!) for the class to share; perhaps two students/per score-sheet: so that we can follow along with what you do!

2: I’d like you to have the text, in the language you’re singing, written out WITHOUT music; as a poem or a play. Preferably also on the back of the piano-score for the class.

3: I’d like you to have a word-for-word translation, and if you want, a “poetic” writing out of that. So, I want you to know what EVERY word means, or have access to that on a sheet of paper. NO CD-booklet translations!!

4: I want you to have researched the opera at hand, have a GOOD understanding of the plot and the characters, and especially your own character, and ESPECIALLY in the scene we’re working on: WHERE am I? WHAT am I? HOW am I? WHEN am I? To WHOM am I speaking (if applicable)? What is my relationship to the person/s to whom I am speaking or those I mention/sing about?

5: I want you to be prepared to act/speak the recit out in ENGLISH AND the ORIGINAL language, in front of the class. It does NOT have to be perfect!

6: I want everyone to be prepared to help your colleagues by improvising characters s/he is talking to/acting with, on the “stage” with them: we will make very simple, rudimentary stagings for each one of you, as much as time allows.

7: Please bring some notepaper and a pencil with you!

8: Please bring an oxygenated brain and your best mood, and that includes a large helping of self-deprecating HUMOUR!!

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