Key Players Music Mentoring Program


As supporters of the arts and friends of Dana V. Music, you are well aware of the benefits of music and so choose to be involved with music education. We know the joy of singing or playing an instrument and seeing improvements in other areas of our lives as a result. However, there are many children within our own community for whom the joy of music and lessons is unattainable. Dana V. Music, together with Impact on Education, is pleased to present a program that brings music to these under-served children.

Key Players Mentoring Program (Image 1)
Image 1: Students and teachers from Ryan Elementary's STEAM Ensemble when they performed for Impact on Education's Razzle Dazzle Event. Image 2: Members of the Flatiron Chorales drumming with special guest Gregg Hansen.

What is Key Players Music Mentoring?

Key Players Music Mentoring is a unique scholarship program that is open to anyone, private or corporate, who wishes to sponsor the music education of a deserving local child. Scholarships will cover partial or full tuition costs for recommended students to study private instrumental lessons at Dana V. Music, or to partake in one of Dana V. Music’s group music classes.

How are students selected?

Dana V. Music and Impact on Education work with principals, parents, and music teachers at local elementary, middle, and high schools to identify students who display an interest or exceptional talent in music but have been unable to pursue lessons. Teachers fill out a recommendation form for each student they would like to refer to the program, then these students are matched up with sponsors or put on a waiting list until a scholarship is available.

What does the child receive?

A chance to learn an instrument, sing in a choir, or explore any of our other comprehensive music classes! Our goal is to provide lessons for at least one semester, and ideally for the duration of a student’s school years.

Key Players Music Mentoring Program (Image 2)
2012 Recitals: Ella Blankinship playing Piano; Abby & Avery Edwards performing on violin.

How can I help?

To make a donation, fill out the Key Players Sponsor Form and indicate which program you would like your donation to go to. Submit the form to Dana V. Music, and we will match you with a teacher-recommended student.