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Key Players Music Mentoring Program

As supporters of the arts and friends of Dana V. Music, you are well aware of the benefits of music and so choose to be involved with music education. We know the joy of singing or playing an instrument and seeing improvements in other areas of our lives as a result. However, there are many children within our own community for whom the joy of music and lessons is unattainable. Dana V. Music, together with Impact on Education, is pleased to present a program that brings music to these under-served children.

What is Key Players Music Mentoring?

Key Players Music Mentoring is a unique scholarship program that is open to anyone, private or corporate, who wishes to sponsor the music education of a deserving local child. Scholarships will cover partial or full tuition costs for recommended students to study private instrumental lessons at Dana V. Music, or to partake in one of Dana V. Music’s group music classes.

How are students selected?

Dana V. Music and Impact on Education work with principals, parents, and music teachers at local elementary, middle, and high schools to identify students who display an interest or exceptional talent in music but have been unable to pursue lessons. Teachers fill out a recommendation form for each student they would like to refer to the program, then these students are matched up with sponsors or put on a waiting list until a scholarship is available.

What does the child receive?

A chance to learn an instrument, sing in a choir, or explore any of our other comprehensive music classes! Our goal is to provide lessons for at least one semester, and ideally for the duration of a student’s school years.

How can I help?

To make a donation, fill out the Key Players Sponsor Form and indicate which program you would like your donation to go to. Submit the form to Dana V. Music, and we will match you with a teacher-recommended student.

Fundraising Events

All adults who receive this newsletter are invited to the following events, from which all proceeds will benefit the Key Players Music Mentoring Program:


  1. July 16-17 Music from Next to Normal in Concert, starring Tracy Warren, Trevor Warren, Vidushi Goyal, Dylan Ross, Zach Stailey, T.J. Baldassare, and Heather Hall (piano). Location: Dana V. Music Ensemble Room, 901 Front Street, Louisville, CO 80027. Limited tickets! Online reservations/donations begin soon!
  2. July 20 Measure for Measure Gala with special guest band, The Bluezzers. Performances by Dana V. Music faculty and adult students. Join us for a night of music, talent, and fun! Cocktail fare will be served. Location: The Horizons Community Center, 2200 South Tyler Drive, Superior, CO 80027. Tickets: $50
  3. Dana V. Music has partnered with Boulder Valley Credit Union in a special program where clients of BVCU who mention Dana V. Music will be able to help grow our scholarship fund through just being a member! At no cost to a BVCU client, percentages of financial totals, mortgages, and loans will be put toward Key Players. Stop in at any BVCU branch to find out more about this special program.

How much do I need to donate? Is there a tax benefit?

We will accept donations of any amount. You can also choose to combine your donation with another person or business to create a larger scholarship. A semester of music instruction at Dana V. Music can range from $170 for group classes to $1,140 for weekly 60-minute private lessons. In addition to lessons, funding is needed for instrument rental. You may stipulate sponsorship for one or more students or deposit into a general fund–all of the available options appear on the Key Players Sponsor Form. All donations are tax-deductible through our partnership with Impact on Education.

Can I get to know the sponsored student?

You can choose to meet the student at our sponsored recitals and events, receive semester progress reports, or, if you prefer, you may remain anonymous.

When can I begin sponsorship?

Immediately! We are currently registering students for summer lessons, classes, and camps, and will accept donations at any time for the summer term and beyond.

I need more information. Who do I contact?

Nancy Fitzgerald, Marketing Director at Dana V. Music, will be glad to answer all your questions. She can be reached at or (303) 947-3536. You are also welcome to call the offices of Dana V. Music at (303) 974-5586. More information and forms are available on our website,

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