Private Instruction

Private Instruments Taught at Dana V. Music

Dana V Music Instructors (2011)At Dana V. Music (DVM), students receive quality instruction by highly qualified professionals in a positive learning environment.  We offer private lessons in voice, piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, saxophone, and clarinet to students ages 5 through adult.  Music lasts a lifetime, so why set limits?

During lessons, students will learn healthy technique based on their natural talents. Musical expression of varied styles is encouraged and explored as students progress in lessons.

It is very important that students become musically literate, which is why we take time during lessons to teach basic music theory. We also offer group music theory classes as a supplement to private lessons.

We want our students to feel confident and moved to explore their musical art. Students are encouraged to not only learn music that the teachers choose, but to also bring music that excites them. All teachers are educated and well-equipped to nurture musical theater, classical, jazz, folk, and contemporary/popular styles of music. Have fun and explore all genres!

For more information on instruction, including lesson scheduling for you or your child, please contact the office or call (303) 974-5586.

Recitals of Relevance and Performance Opportunities

We believe in learning through performance, but do not require our students to perform until they feel ready. All students are given Michelle Herring performing for the residents of Flatiron Terracerecommendations and advice about performances and competitions through the many programs and organizations that we are affiliated with.

One program we are extremely proud of is Recitals of Relevance. Two times per year, students present a piece to be performed in recital as outreach to members of our local and senior communities. In recent years, we have presented recitals to The Louisville Farmers’ Market, Golden West Senior Living, Flatirons Terrace, The Academy, and The Lodge at Balfour. For some students, this is the first presentation in public! Our students’ performances are received with great love and support. We enjoy these outreach events and pride ourselves on providing positive performance opportunities for our students.