Making Music Together Increases Kids’ Empathy

New research from the U.K. suggests certain types of group music-making can help kids develop empathy…

Music education produces myriad benefits, strengthening kids’ abilities in reading, math, and verbal intelligence. New British research suggests it may also teach something less tangible, but arguably just as important:
The ability to empathize.

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Listen to Dana Vachharajani and Sarah Dawson Live on CPR

Dana Vachharajani and Sarah Dawson will perform live on Colorado Public Radio in the 8-9pm hour on March 18, 2012. Listen to the live classical music!

Sarah Dawson-Dana Vachharajani Recitals

They previewed the program in our Performance Studio.Sarah Dawson: Consider the Lilies
Sarah Dawson: “The Jumblies” from The Nonsense Songs of Edward Lear
Dana Vachharajani, soprano
Sarah Dawson, piano
CPR Performance Studio: recorded 3/7/12

Produced by Martin Skavish

More information can be found at, “Colorado Spotlight” Article by CPR.

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March 2012: Summer Courses, Camps, and More!

Blog Post- March 2012 Newsletter


Summer Courses And Camps At Dana V. Music

Newsletter for March 2012

We have several new course offerings and camps that we will be launching this summer. There are options for all ages and abilities. For complete course listings and registration materials, please visit our Summer Courses page. Come and make music with us!

Dana V. Music Summer Sampler Camp

Dates: July 16-20 Time: 9:00am-12:30 pm Ages: 5-10 Price: $200 $15 rental fee, if applicable. (No charge if bringing own instrument) Join us this week to discover some of the wonderful classes that Dana V. Music has to offer! This fun half-day camp will highlight the following classes:

  • Eurhythmics
  • Choir
  • Group Piano
  • Elective instrument of choice (choose between violin, viola, flute/recorder, guitar, and cello

Bring it to Broadway, Broadway through the Decades

Dates: July 30-August 4 Time: 12:30-6:00 pm Ages: 9-Adult Price: $300 Join Broadway star Nancy Anderson (Kiss Me Kate, City of Angels) for this very popular week-long Broadway experience as she and another colleague lead students through solos, scenes, and ensembles highlighting the best of Broadway through the decades. This week ends in a final performance for the public. No dance experience necessary, but special classes will be offered for dancers. Private lessons with artists available as well.

Bring it to Broadway: Adult Master Class

Date: Wednesday, August 1 Time: 7:00-9:00 pm Ages: 18 and up Price: $50 Join Nancy Anderson as she leads a very positive master class for adults looking to expand their horizons in performing. Participants are asked to prepare two musical theatre song selections by memory. Accompanist will be provided. This is a class for all levels, and priceless advice about casting and the musical theater business will be given. Come and enrich your development and place in the musical theatre community! Limit 8 students.

Dana V. Music String Enrichment Camp

Session I: June 18-22 Session II: July 23-27 Time: 9:00am-12:30 pm Ages: 8-12 Price: $170 This camp is offered to violin, viola, and cello students with one year or more of previous study. String students will explore the many aspects of becoming a complete musician, and the week will end with a small performance. Students will participate in the following classes daily:

  • Eurhythmics
  • Theory
  • Sectional and Group Lessons
  • Full Ensemble Rehearsal

Key Players Music Mentoring Program

Information coming soon! Watch for our next newsletter, which will be a special edition highlighting this new scholarship program at Dana V. Music.

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Creating a Music-Friendly Home – San Francisco Classical Voice

The go-to place for great music in the Bay Area. Find San Francisco concerts & events plus Bay Area classical music news, reviews, blogs, streaming music, biographies of classical music composers, critics pics of upcoming events, free classical music downloads & artist information.

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December 2011: Holiday Wrap-Up and Looking to the New Year!

Dana V Music Newsletter for December 2011 called Holiday Wrap Up and Looking to the New Year


Holiday Wrap-Up and Looking to the New Year!

Newsletter for December 2011


Keep an eye on our website for spring semester course listings and registration materials. Private lessons begin on January 9 and group classes begin on January 23.


We have just launched our new Dana V. Music website, with a brand new design and all spring course information and registration materials. This website will continue to evolve and will soon include media from our recitals and programs. Take a look at


Sarah Davis, one of our fantastic voice teachers, is in the process of completing her doctorate at CU Boulder. She is currently required to complete a project…YOU can help! Please click the link below to complete a survey about your speech habits. This will be completely anonymous and will take you less than 10 minutes! You will truly be helping her succeed in her goals!! Deadline to complete survey: January 3, 2012 Click here to complete the survey. Thank you so much!


All 4 recitals were a huge success, with over 80 students participating and over 250 total people in attendance. Bravo to all of our brave performers! We hope to have you join us again for our spring recitals on May 12-13.


On December 6th and 13th the Flatiron Chorales presented their holiday concerts to the residents of The Academy in Boulder and those of The Lodge at Balfour in Louisville. All three choirs made lovely presentations of a variety of songs and ended their concerts with such a lively Boogie Woogie Santa Claus that he actually showed up and danced while the choirs sang. Dana V. Music is truly grateful to have such a wonderful group of voices and families involved with the Flatiron Chorales.


Dana V. Music offers gift certificates in any denomination or number of lessons. This is a gift that truly keeps on giving! Register your student for spring classes and purchase your holiday gift certificate at the same time, or introduce a friend to our programs with this gift.


The Art of Learning & Listening: Why We Need to Slow Down!
Emma Shubin, DVM Eurhythmics and Flute Instructor

In music, as in life, we are constantly having to balance commitments and with our practice time. We have many notes to learn, pieces to practice, ensembles to rehearse with, not to mention lessons to give or take of our own. We often are rushing to learn a new piece, or feel behind in our work with our instrument, and there is an incessant pressure to rush through the process of learning. I was distracting myself from the usual holiday push to learn lots of music in a short time, when I stumbled across a video of the great Itzahk Pearlman giving advise on the art of practicing. His simple advice was that in our practice, we need to slow down, learn things in small sections, and that repetition is key. His rule is simple: “If you learn something slowly, you forget it slowly.” I have heard some version of this advice my whole musical life, but rarely do I truly believe that the sure way to reach the finish line of learning a piece of music is to actually slow down. Every time I teach a Eurhythmics class to young children, I am reminded that learning music is such a multilayered event; it takes both our kinesthetic awareness, our mental faculties, and our knowledge just to begin to scratch the surface. I often video myself teaching classes, and observe that I am racing to fit in a lot of material and thus rushing my students and myself to do too much in a short time. I ask myself, and you as a student or parent of a student: When was the last time you did something as monumental in it’s requirements of the “whole self” as learning the art of music? For me, I can hardly think back to anything since learning how to walk and talk. It is true that languages require repetition and practice, but but they don’t require the fine motor skills or kinesthetic awareness and control needed that singing, playing the piano, stringed, or woodwind instrument does. When we rush ourselves in the process of learning, we build in tension and practice in bad habits that we inevitably will have to go back to relearn or address somewhere down the road. So this holiday season, I encourage us all to slow down, truly listen to the work we are doing on our music and instruments and allow ourselves the space and time to repeat and really hear the passages of music we are making, so that we all can be our own best teachers. I will leave you with the words of one of the great musicians of our time giving this advice that we have all heard, but can always be reminded of:

Happy holidays and may the new year bring wonderful music into your life!


Dana V. Music is pleased to announce that our veteran teachers are available to perform at your holiday party! Imagine your guests singing around a piano or enjoying beautiful live music while dining or chatting. Make your party memorable by hiring one or more of our staff to provide live music! Our teachers are experienced in performance including voice, piano, guitar, violin, viola, flute and/or any combinations of duets and ensembles. Your guests will appreciate it! Please call our marketing director, Nancy Fitzgerald, at (303) 947-3536 for details and booking arrangements.


Student News:

Rosie Irwin was selected for the second year in a row for the Colorado All State Choir. Congrats to Jeremiah Owens who was also selected for this great honor!

Tess Haifley is a soloist in her select choir’s concert at Niwot High School.

Lindsey Ashby performed as a Who in Northglenn Youth Theatre’s production of Suessical! The program was so professional and we hear that she had an amazing time! Lindsey will also be a soloist in Cornerstone Christian’s Academy Holiday show, A Miracle on Main Street.

Congratulations to Rowan Stormo-Flanagan for earning the role of Amaryllis in The Music Man at Platte Choice Middle School!

DVM alum, Michelle Herring, won the 2011 Camera’s Eye Boulder County Theater Award for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Musical Role” for her performance as Olive in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee with CenterStage Theatre Company this past summer! Way to go, Michelle!!! The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee was also one of 3 shows nominated for “Best Musical” of 2011.

Emma Breitman was just cast as the Minstrel in her school’s production of Once Upon a Mattress. Congratulations, Emma!


Teacher News:
Sarah Davis auditioned and was selected to play the main role of Suor Angelica in CU Boulder’s production of Puccini’s Suor Angelica! We are so happy for you, Sarah!

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November 2011: Giving Thanks for Music!

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Giving Thanks for Music!

Newsletter for November 2011


It is time to sign up to perform in one of our winter recitals! We will be having four recitals this year, including two “First Recitals,” with an intimate environment for those who are performing for the first time, or would like a smaller crowd. We will share our other two recitals with the communities at The Academy and The Lodge at Balfour. Sign-up sheets are available in the waiting room of the main studio. The deadline to sign up and choose repertoire is Friday, December 2.

Saturday, December 10
2:00-3:00 pm*
Dana V. Music Ensemble Room
*”First Recital:” Sign-up will be limited to 15 participants.

Saturday, December 10
7:15-8:45 pm
The Academy, 970 Aurora Avenue, Boulder

Sunday, December 11
12:30-1:30 pm*
Dana V. Music Ensemble Room
*”First Recital:” Sign-up will be limited to 15 participants.

Sunday, December 11
3:00-5:00 pm
Lodge at Balfour, 1331 Hecla Drive, Louisville
Due to heavy volume, this date is no longer open for sign-ups.

These recitals are meant to provide a positive performing environment, as well as a chance to reach out to the community by offering the gift of music. Students are encouraged, but not required, to perform.

Come and support our brave performers!


Dana V. Music is pleased to announce a recent partnership with Impact on Education and Ryan Elementary School in Lafayette. In the last month, 9 new 5th grade students have begun taking lessons at Dana V. Music as a result of this new program! Students are studying cello, violin, viola, and clarinet. We are very excited about this ongoing program and welcome these new students to our Dana V. Music family. We also welcome two new faculty members, Monica Smiley (cello) and Kellan Toohey (clarinet), to this program.


Seven members of the Flatiron Chorales recently attended an all day convention on November 12th to perform 2 pieces at the CFMC (Colorado Federation of Music Club’s) Junior Convention. These amazing students spent over 12 hours attending workshops and rehearsals to prepare for a final concert of which the finale was conducted by Dana V. Music’s very own Bette Weir. You are all to be commended. Bette, you are a force! Thank you!

Flatiron Chorale Concert Dates:
Tuesday, December 6th, 4:30 p.m. at The Academy in Boulder
Tuesday, December 13th, 4:30 p.m. at The Lodge at Balfour, Louisville


Dana V. Music offers gift certificates in any denomination or number of lessons. This is a gift that truly keeps on giving! Register your student for spring classes and purchase your holiday gift certificate at the same time, or introduce a friend to our programs with this gift.


Please make sure you have updated your phones to reflect our new phone number change at Dana V. Music to (303) 974-5586. This is our main office line, but remember, you must contact your teacher directly to cancel lessons. As always, we are happy to speak with you!


Choosing to Stay Healthy During the Winter Performing Season
Cody Qualls, DVM Voice Instructor

As winter comes in, we are more vulnerable to the various illnesses around us.
Since we are dependent upon our bodies to be in good form for our various musical activities, we are obliged to honor what our body needs to stay healthy. Below are some top tips to encourage wellness during the season!

  • Become aware of what kind of foods are going into your body. These can be such tricky waters to navigate in a season filled with sweets! In my experience, the most successful way to meet the strong desire to “junk out” on food has been to feel the food before, during and after you eat it. Consider your food choice with the feelings just below your belly button. Can you feel how it will make you feel even before you eat it? Consider if the food is going to give you energy, or drain your energy. After you eat, do you feel good for the next few hours or is something else being revealed about the choice of food you made? Feeling the reality of the food gets us out of “this is not good for me” and “no, I can’t have that,” which of course makes us want it more! When you honor what your body needs you will find that it is much more willing to honor the amount of energy you need to fully engage yourself in your creative endeavors.
  • Be fierce with not over scheduling yourself! With weather that is often calling us inward, to be home and warm, the holiday momentum can often carry us away from what we need most during this season; rest! If you are feeling tired and pushed past your boundaries, honor your body and listen to what it is asking. When we weaken ourselves with too much “doing,” we lose our ability to be happy and healthy human “beings.” I will tie this into my third tip below.
  • Declare that you want to be healthy! With all the students that are in and out of the studio from week to week, I have found this last tip to be very helpful. If I notice that a student has a sniffle or a touch of a cough, I instantly get clear that I want no part of it. Ever notice how we always say I “caught” a cold? This implies that we reached out and received it. I ask myself, “Will this sickness serve me in anyway?” The answer is always no, so I choose to steer clear. What I tend to see with students is that very often, illness comes in from being over extended. (see tip number 2) It forces us to slow down, so there truly is something in it for us sometimes. It’s a way to get out of the “this is too much for me” routine. The last thing you want to do is miss an exciting performance that you’ve worked very hard for. If we honor our limitations, we can prevent our illnesses from limiting us during this busy performance time.

I wish you wellness in all that you are up to. Happy winter months to all!


Geeta Novotny, Dana Vachharajani’s sister, is a launching artist for David Lynch Foundation Music, a charity-owned record label created by the legendary film maker David Lynch. She recently found out the great news that her performance track of “Ave Maria” and DLF Music is officially garnering GRAMMY buzz!

DLF Music launched in July on iTunes with an incredible album compilation called DOWNLOAD FOR GOOD featuring previously unreleased tracks donated from colossal artists Maroon 5, Peter Gabriel, Alanis Morissette, Ben Folds, Ozomatli, Iggy Pop, and Daryl Hannah, along with many others. The best part of this compilation is that all of the proceeds from the downloads go to the mission of the The David Lynch Foundation.

Six of the Download for Good songs made it officially onto the ballot for 2012 GRAMMY Award Nomination Considerations, and one of those tracks is Geeta’s performance of “Ave Maria” with Andy Summers (the guitarist of the band The Police), which is on the ballot for Best Classical Vocal Solo!

Listen to “Ave Maria” watch the official “Ave Maria” video, and download the track from David Lynch Foundation Music here. To download the compilation on iTunes, visit


Dana V. Music is pleased to announce that our veteran teachers are available to perform at your holiday party! Imagine your guests singing around a piano or enjoying beautiful live music while dining or chatting. Make your party memorable by hiring one or more of our staff to provide live music! Our teachers are experienced in performance including voice, piano, guitar, violin, viola, flute and/or any combinations of duets and ensembles. Your guests will appreciate it! Please call our marketing director, Nancy Fitzgerald, at (303) 947-3536 for details and booking arrangements.


Thomas Russo, who just finished the role of Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird, will now be featured as Young Erik in The Boulder Dinner Theatre’s production of Phantom. Way to go, Thomas!

Congratulations to all of our extremely talented students from Fairview High School, who completely rocked it in All Shook Up last week! We are so proud of you! Tess Haifley participated in 2 roles in her Niwot High School production of Les Miserables. She said that the show received amazing accolades!

Sofia Le will be a soloist for the Silver Creek Elementary Silver Singers in their upcoming holiday concert! Great Job!

Sydney Chinowsky will be playing the role of the Toymaker in The Peanut Butter Player’s Babes in Toyland at the Harlequin Center for the Performing Arts. Production will be presented in December.


Teacher News:
Congratulations to DVM voice teacher Cody Qualls and his beautiful wife Marlena on the birth of their son, Tay Benjamin Qualls, on October 18. What a wonderful addition to their family!

DVM piano teacher Yukiko Kimura just completed her first New York City Marathon on November 6. Wow, a wonderful pianist and runner too!

Nancy Anderson, our fearless and well loved Bring it to Broadway Guest Artist, is currently in the Broadway production of City of Angels in New York City.

Meredith Patterson, one of our fabulous Bring it to Broadway Guest Artists, just guest-starred as Angela Markham on the JJ Abrams new television series, Person of Interest, on CBS.

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October 2011: Recitals, Holiday Gifts, and More!

Dana V Music Newsletter for October 2011


Recitals, Holiday Gifts, and More!

Newsletter for October 2011


December 10-11 We love to share our recitals with the community and therefore present them at retirement communities in the Boulder/Louisville area. This is a no-pressure way to hone performance and concert skills while making friends and lifelong connections. Students are encouraged, but not required, to perform at one of these recitals. We will also be hosting a recital for “first-timers” in our new Ensemble Room, a more intimate venue for a smaller number of performers. Sign-up sheets will be available in early-mid November.


Does the idea of a packed mall and long holiday shopping lines make you want to run the other way? Relax! Dana V. Music has an easy solution. Consider getting some holiday gifts taken care of in October with a Dana V. Music gift certificate for lessons. Available in any denomination or number of lessons, this is a gift that truly keeps on giving. Register your student for spring classes and purchase your holiday gift certificate at the same time, or introduce a friend to our programs with this gift.


Keep an eye on our website for spring semester course listings and registration materials. Private lessons begin on January 9 and group classes begin on January 23.


Please make sure you have updated your phones to reflect our new phone number change at Dana V. Music to (303) 974-5586. This is our main office line, but remember, you must contact your teacher directly to cancel lessons. As always, we are happy to speak with you!


One of our sweet preschoolers, Destiny Burton, is suffering from Dravet Syndrome, a rare seizure disorder that has unfortunately begun to impact her daily life and health quite dramatically. Destiny, now 5 years old, has been a part of our Preschool Musical class since the fall of 2010. She is a joyful and loving girl with a giant imagination, and we are so happy to have her in our lives. Destiny now needs to begin taking 2 new medications in order to keep her symptoms at bay. These medications cost approximately $800 per month and are not covered by insurance. The Burton family has recently launched “Wings For Destiny,” a fundraiser to help get her the medication she needs. Please click HERE to learn more about Destiny’s story and Dravet Syndrome, and to see how you can help.


Beginning this month, we will feature tips and favorite picks from a Dana V. Music teacher in this section. Piano teacher Nancy Fitzgerald offers the following about making the most of home practicing, no matter the instrument:

  • Set an agreed upon amount of time for practice and create an environment conducive to practicing, such as limiting family interruptions, making sure the home is as quiet as possible (no t.v. blaring, no telephone calls, put pets in another room). Remove the cellphone!
  • Set the timer! True, it may seem old-fashioned, but it is easy to lose track of time and/or consider the practicing “good enough” within just a few minutes. Start with a block of 15 minutes.
  • Be an involved parent. Many teachers welcome parents to observe lessons or, if that is not possible, provide parents with updates of student progress and lesson content. Knowing what your student is working on or challenged by will help maximize practice time by focusing the practice on specific sections of music. If you hear your student starting every practice time at the beginning of a piece of music, chances are they are not working on the more “difficult” or challenging sections.
  • Change the brain: Encourage breaking up school homework with practice time. Here’s why: many students are overwhelmed with multiple subjects to complete each night. So, perhaps after dinner or activities, they devote the entire evening to working on homework. This typically engages the left side of the brain for the entire time. It is fatiguing and this scenario actually becomes one of diminishing returns. Taking just 15 minutes of time to work on their music engages the right side of the brain and can refresh their minds. Many students have reported that when they took a break to play music and then returned to their studies, they felt refreshed and more focused. Give it a try!

Nancy’s Pick of the Month: Ars Nova Singers Oct. 28-29: “Glory: Mozart Panorama” is Ars Nova’s concert in collaboration with the Boulder Chamber Orchestra-7:30pm Friday in Denver at Saint John’s Episcopal Cathedral, 1350 Washington St. and 7:30pm Saturday at Boulder’s First United Methodist Church, 1421 Spruce St. Check online for ticket information and the winter and spring schedule. 303-499-3165.

Considering a holiday party? DANA V. MUSIC is here to help!

Dana V. Music is pleased to announce that our veteran teachers are available to perform at your holiday party! Imagine your guests singing around a piano or enjoying beautiful live music while dining or chatting. Make your party memorable by hiring one or more of our staff to provide live music! Our teachers are experienced in performance including voice, piano, guitar, violin, viola, flute and/or any combinations of duets and ensembles. Your guests will appreciate it! Please call our marketing director, Nancy Fitzgerald, at (303) 947-3536 for details and booking arrangements.


Tanner Sands: Tanner is doing great in his sophomore year at CU Boulder. He received the Claudia Boettcher Merthan Vocal Scholarship along with a Department of Music Scholarship for being named the Outstanding Freshman of the Year in the School of Music. He was also a finalist at the Anderson Competition as a freshman. Tanner spent the summer at the New York Stage and Film Powerhouse Theater Apprentice Program at Vassar College, where he played Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Congratulations, Tanner, and keep up the good work!


DVM alum Erin Jones auditioned and was selected to sing in the choir for the concert, The Choral Music of Eric Whitacre, at Carnegie Hall. Whitacre, a famous composer of choral works, will conduct the concert, which will take place on April 1, 2012. Way to go, Erin!

Thomas Russo is performing the part of Dill in the Denver Center’s production of To Kill a Mockingbird, now through October 30. Read the Denver Post’s review and see pictures from the show here.


Congratulations to voice teacher Elizabeth Bell, who was just elected as the new Colorado/Wyoming NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) 2nd Vice President and Auditions Chair. It’s a huge job, but we know she is perfect for it!

The Tetra String Quartet, adjunct faculty members at Arizona State University, will be performing, among other works, the last nine songs from the Beatles’ legendary Abbey Road in an original arrangement written by DVM violin teacher, Alex Vittal. Other recent collaborations with Vittal include several arrangements of Lady Gaga hits which were performed this summer on Houston NPR along with an arrangement of the swing-era classic “In The Mood.” Very recently, Tetra commissioned and recorded a new arrangement by Vittal of the Christmas spiritual, “Go, Tell It On The Mountain” for a holiday album available in early November, 2011.

Katie McClave traveled to Minnesota on October 1 for her college reunion at Gustavus Adolphus College. She also participated in the alumni choir, directed by Dr. Greg Aune, celebrating 75 years of the Gustavus Choir. The choir sang at the Sunday morning chapel service on campus. It was wonderful to re-connect with friends and share music in that beautiful setting.

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September 2011: Fall Opportunities and Student Success!

Dana V Music Newsletter for September 2011

Fall Opportunities and Student Success!

Newsletter for September 2011


Did you know that 95% of communication is non-verbal? By learning a nonverbal art such as music non-verbally through movement, we can directly translate our deepened knowledge to our music making. Join instructor Emma Shubin for our first Eurhythmics Exploratory Workshop for Adults!

Date: Saturday, October 8
Time: 11 am to 12 pm
Location: Dana V. Music Ensemble Room
Cost: $15


Since Dana V. Music has a new office, we now have a land line and a connection directly to the studio. Our office (main) number is now: (303) 974-5586. You are still welcome to call the cell number (720) 240-1658, as we are transitioning, but we encourage you to make the switch!


DANA V. MUSIC was out in force at the First Annual Louisville Artfest, held on Saturday, September 3rd in downtown Louisville.  People of all ages dropped by our tent to gather information about our studio, fall schedule and class offerings.  But the information didn’t stop there! Many people gave a Eurhythmics demo class a try or enjoyed a group vocal lesson at the nearby Louisville Library.  For many people, this was a first and positive musical experience.  The public also enjoyed FREE private and group guitar and piano lessons as well. Judging by the response and attendance at this first event, the Lousville Artfest is going to be very popular in the years to come!


  • Town of Superior
  • Louisville Chamber of Commerce
  • Louisville Downtown Business Association


Denver Philharmonic Orchestra 2011-2012
Young Artist Master Class Competition:
Lower Division: 12 to 18 years
Upper Division: 19 to 30 years
Deadline: October 13, 2011

Hal Leonard 2012 Vocal Competition
Ages Under 12 through 23
Deadline: February 1, 2011


Congratulations to our students who were cast in:

All Shook Up (Fairview High School)

  • Lorraine: Jenny McPherson
  • Sylvia: Vidushi Goyal
  • Ms. Sandra: Regina Johanos
  • Townspeople and/or Dancers: Ella Jenak, Alei Russo, Piper Nylen, Esme Rodehaver (BITB), Kaziah White, Anna Royer, Sam Katz, Jackson Fields, Emily Bollman, Maddie Leh, Talia Nadel, Avi Kolbrener, Charlie Kolbrener

Once on this Island (CenterStage Theatre Company)

  • Ti Moune: Rachel Dreher
  • Papa Ge: Janelle Goldberg
  • Asaka: Mary Grace Carroll
  • Daniel Beauxhomme: Grant Saunders
  • Little Ti Moune/Little Girl: Ella Leh
  • Storytellers: Grace Bowland, Renee Kendrick
  • Featured Dancers: Ellie Buck, Jennifer Concienne, Julia Jenak, Rowan Stormo-Flanagan, Ella Leh
  • Villagers: Lauren Beatty, Anna Prior

101 Dalmatians (The Art Underground)

  • Cruella de Vil: Maya Hladisova, Leah Tan
  • Horace: Alena Wohl
  • Anita: Sabrina Lasica
  • Pongo/Police Officer: Rowan Stormo-Flanagan
  • Boxer: Emma Marshall
  • Poodle: Alana Valette, Julianna Niell
  • Lucky: Kaden Hinkle

MASH (Monarch High School)

  • Captain Bridget McCarthy: Natalie Rudd
  • Lieut. Louise Cimbel: Ellie Oliver
  • Korean #1: Elizabeth Myra
  • Ensemble: Giulia Deininger


Chip Tolentino: T.J. Baldasarre

Vidushi Goyal spent her summer at Carnegie Mellon University in their Pre-College program for Vocal Performance. She had an opportunity to see what life would be like before she makes her commitment to pursue vocal performance as a career. She did a spectacular job, landing a major role as the Countess in Le Nozze di Figaro for her opera scenes class as well as shining in solos for jazz choir and her recital. Great job, Vidushi!

Congratulations to Hannah Carmichael, who will be playing the role of Kim in Bye, Bye, Birdie at The Longmont Theatre in September. You can visit their website for more info!

Emma Breitman was elected President of the Manhattan Middle School Jr. Thespian Troop for the academic year 2011-2012. Wonderful job!

Liz Ryan has been performing all over the place this summer! She just finished playing the role of Ruth in The Pirates of Penzance for the Empire Lyric Players which is one of the country’s oldest Gilbert and Sullivan Theatres and the she played the role of Mother Abbess in The Sound of Music for Up in Lights Productions in Loveland, Colorado.

Mikayla Foote spent a week in August at the Berklee College of Music’s Songwriting Program in Los Angeles. She learned about writing and performing original songs, and also gained valuable insight into the business side of music.

Rachel Dreher attended the Boston Ballet School’s 5-week Summer Dance Program this summer. Congratulations, Rachel, on this wonderful opportunity!

Regi Johanos attended the 6-week musical theatre program at Interlochen this summer, where she participated in a full production of Carousel and also received extensive training in voice, acting, and dance. Way to go!

Lindsey Ashby will be playing a Who in Suessical at D.L. Parsons Theatre in Northglenn.

Good Luck to our college students! We are so proud of you!

Lisa Driscoll, University of Maryland
Double Major; Vocal Performance and Journalism

Laila Eskin, University of Colorado at Boulder

Erin Jones, George Washington University
Double Major, Theater and International Relations

Rachel Fenwick-Smith, DePaul
Double Major; Business and Theater Arts/Directing

Whitney Meer, New York University

Ellen Thompson, University of Colorado at Boulder
Musical Theatre

Caty Wilcox, University of Colorado at Boulder
Vocal Performance

Becca Winsor, Dickinson College
Law and Policy


Katie McClave, DVM’s Co-Director, was the Music Director of Centerstage’s The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee this summer. It was truly an entertaining and well put together show! Great job, Katie!

Eve Orenstein (Voice Super Sub) is heading a wonderful organization called Opera On Tap! Opera singers from the area perform in local bars to outreach to our community. “Often big opera companies focus on outreach to children. Opera on Tap believes adults too can be enriched through gaining an appreciation for opera. A middle class twenty-something may attend Opera on Tap and find him or herself much more likely to purchase an opera ticket at a bigger more well known opera house.” Come and see it for yourself! The next presentation, “Falling into Fall” is scheduled for Wednesday, September 28, 8:00pm at Bender’s Tavern, 314 East 13th Avenue, Denver.

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August 2011: Big Changes at Dana V. Music!

Newsletter for August 2011

Big Changes at Dana V. Music

Newsletter for August 2011 Dear families and friends of Dana V. Music, We have had quite an eventful summer here at Dana V. Music. Spring courses ended in May and we went straight into a wonderful semester of private and group lessons as we anticipated our Bring it to Broadway Summer Camp with Nancy Anderson and Meredith Patterson. We were making great music all summer and now it is time to go into fall new and improved.


The fall semester for private lessons begins on August 15th and Group Classes begin August 22nd.


We still have availability for study in all instruments. Voice, Violin, Viola, Guitar, Piano, and Flute.


We encourage you to go to our website and discover our over 15 NEW group classes for the fall semester, including:

  • Youth Eurhythmics
  • Pre-Instrumental Eurythmics
  • Music Theory/Eurhythmics
  • College Prep Theory/Eurhythmics
  • Beginning Group Violin
  • Beginning Group Guitar
  • Beginning Group Flute
  • Flute Choir  


Preschool Musical, The Flatiron Chorales, Vocal Workshop, and Group Keyboarding.The website is separated by the following tabs: Courses, Keyboarding, Music Fundamentals. You can click the tabs to find what you need OR listed to the right of every course page is a full listing of classes.


We will be offering a series of discounts to families this year.

  1. Families with more than one individual studying privately will receive ONE FREE LESSON per semester for the second student.
  2. We offer discounts for private study of 2 or more instruments.
  3. Dana V. Music private students who opt to take one of our enriching group classes will receive $2 off per class, per semester.  For example, Music Theory/Eurhythmics for Ages 8-11 totals $240, but the private student discount price would be $216! (12 classes at $2 off for a $24 savings!).
  4. All students taking 2 or more group classes will receive $2 off per class for the second and/or third choice offering.  For example, register for Group Keyboarding and receive a discount of $32 off of Flatiron Youth Chorale (16 classes at $2 off!).
  5. Siblings in the Flatiron Chorales will receive 20% off the total tuition of the second child and the third is free!
  6. Siblings taking Group Keyboarding will receive 10% off the total tuition of the second child.


On July 30th, Dana V. Music opened their new wing of the school with a fantastic open house.  The extended hallway is now equipped with a bigger waiting room, more couch space and two desk units for homework time.  Those families that stay a long time with us over a week should know that we now have this available to our students. The Dana V. Music Ensemble Room was unveiled in the greatest way we could imagine.  Almost every DVM teacher performed in the new space for the open house.  The room is fun, modern, and currently displays the artwork of Julie Barbera (on sale).  The space seats more than 50 people at a time.  Oh, and did we mention we have a 1923 Steinway Baby Grand on loan from Fran Ryan of Impact on Education?  It is a wonderful instrument and we are thrilled that all of our group classes will take place there! Thanks so much to Fran. Katie McClave and Dana Vachharajani finally have a new office!  We waited almost four years for this but we finally have a space from which to do our work.  We had been working out of our waiting room all this time and now we actually have a place to really run our school!  The office is located right next to the ensemble room.  If you ever need to speak with us, that is where we’ll be…all the way down the hall!We will be sending our end of summer wrap up newsletter, but we want you to get online and start discovering music!

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