Jenny McPherson

I am a professional actor living and working in Chicago, Illinois. I moved here at the end of August 2016 after graduating Indiana University in May 2016. Since moving to Chicago, I’ve had the good fortune to participate in a couple of projects in the city’s thriving theatre scene and work with companies such as Porchlight Music Theatre and Refuge Theatre Project. My website:


Indiana University Bloomington, BA Theatre & Drama with a minor in Music

What does Dana V. Music mean to you?

DVM was an integral part of my voice and theatre education. I was lucky enough to take voice lessons for about a year as well as participate in DVM’s production of A Little Princess. I worked with Dana herself as well as Cody Qualls, and they both gave me tools that I still use every time I sing. I was only with DVM for a short time, but in that time I experienced a huge amount of growth musically, and I am always grateful to Dana and Cody for their role in shaping the performer I am today. I still have some songs they introduced to me in my audition book too!