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Preschool Classes

Class Descriptions

Preschool Musical: Lemonade!

Join in the fairytale frenzy when Chicken Little, the Three Little Pigs, Humpty Dumpty, the Cat with a fiddle, Little Bo Peep, Little Boy Blue and a host of other characters are having a BAD DAY! But with the help of a cheerful Mother Goose, discover how they learn to make the best out of life’s ups and downs. (Description from Hal Leonard).
 Preschool Musical is a wonderful foundational theatre performance class for our youngest singers, actors and dancers.  Class will include, staging, choreography, line preparation and song preparation with 5 selections in a fun and energetic environment. Musical will be presented with Costumes on the last day of class!  Practice CD included.  Discover your child’s beginning of their boundless talents!

Pixie Strings, Level 1

Have little fingers, will play! This fun, integrated class will provide a positive first experience for young violinists. Each child will have 2 scheduled 15-20 minute private lessons during term.

Requirements: Children should be able to read letters A-G and numbers 1-5. Violin rental required after first class measurement



† Instrument Rental Required

Class Schedules

3 - 5Preschool Musical: Lemonade!01/25 to 05/10
(no class 3/29)
3:30-4:15pmWednesday$270Nichol Elgin/Audrey Kaltenbach
3 - 5Pixie Strings, Level 101/25 to 05/10
(no class 03/29)
4:00-4:30pmWednesday$220†Bergen Christensen

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