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General Description

Boulder Opera’s, Youth Opera Workshop:  Little Red Riding Hood  (Age 8-18)

We are delighted to have the instructors of Boulder Opera come to Dana V. Music to offer an in depth look and experience in creating, producing and performing a brand new opera.  There will be opportunities for participation for singers, performers, and production crew.  This course will end in a fully costumed production performed in Louisville.  

Description: The 2019 Youth Opera Workshop will explore the work of Cesar Cui’s Little Red Riding Hood in English. In this 8 week after school program (12 sessions) , children will meet once or twice, weekly to learn the elements of performing, producing, and managing an opera. They will become characters, narrators, directors, managers, set and costume designers. The workshop will culminate with a 35 minute performance for friends and family of Little Red Riding Hood.

All information can be found by reading on or clicking on the tabs above for Audition Info, Rehearsal Info, and Synopsis.

Main roles will be cast by audition only. See audition information tab above.

Youth Chorus Opportunity: Boulder Opera will be adding a youth chorus during the last few weeks of rehearsals. No audition required. Please see pricing and registration below.

Leads and Crew – $400 (Audition required. See audition requirements, tab above)
Children’s Chorus – $150

To Register for Leads and Crew, click here.
To Register for Children’s Chorus, click here.
*Registration is to collect registrant info and statement for crew positions. All interested participants must register. See payment info below:
Make checks payable to Boulder Opera 
Please send to:
2015 Grape Ave.
Boulder, CO 80304

What students will gain: The Youth Opera Workshop will give students the opportunity to take on leadership roles in the intense process of putting an opera together. These skills are invaluable, not only to those who wish to pursue a career in the performing arts, but also for those who want to build a solid foundation in communication, problem solving, and working in groups. Though the workshop will be facilitated by professional opera singers, our time together will be spent developing each students individual interest and skill set–be it costume design, stage director, or performer–so that they will be in control of their position in the workshop. Our mission is to foster the creativity and individuality within a group of young performing artists and create an environment where all ideas are equal.

Contact Elizabeth Hayes for more information: education@boulderoperacompany.com



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Audition Information

Live Auditions for Main Roles will be held February 21st:  6:15-8:00 p.m.
TO SCHEDULE AN AUDITION:  Please email Elizabeth Hayes, education@boulderoperacompany.com

Little Red: Soprano
Wolf Bass:  Baritone or Mezzo-soprano
Narrators: Soprano and Mezzo-soprano
Mother: Mezzo-soprano
Grandmother: Mezzo-soprano
Hunter: soprano
Woodcutter: mezzo-soprano
These roles maybe double cast if we have higher numbers audition.

Other Crew:  Audition not required (Please register):
Stage Crew
Set Crew

Audition Requirements:
Singers are asked to present 2 contrasting pieces: one English and one Foreign language if possible. Classical is strongly encouraged.
Crew please register and present a brief statement about interests and goals. (For example: I truly enjoy costume design and have created costumes for my musical at my high school) Please email your statement to Elizabeth Hayes at education@boulderoperacompany.com
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Rehearsal Information

Rehearsals:  April 2-May 21st  (Tuesday Rehearsals with some Saturdays toward the last weeks of production rehearsal)
Location of Rehearsals: 
Dana V. Music, Ensemble Room  
901 Front Street, Lower Level
Louisville, CO 80027

Time:  5:00-6:30 pm

Performance:  May 25th, Louisville Center for the Art  Time: 1PM call time, 2PM show time

Below, we have outlined the 8-week curriculum.  Each week builds upon the next in terms of content, singing, and production.
Outline of content:
Week 1: What is Opera? What are the Roles in Opera?
Week 2: Cast assignments, music rehearsals begin.
Week 3: Continue with music rehearsal, character development activities.
Week 4: Music rehearsals, organizational work (costumes, props)
Week 5:  Staging rehearsals begin, scene by scene
Week 6 to 8: Continue staging rehearsals
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Synopsis of Show

Act I, Tableau 1. The chorus introduces the story. The setting is the edge of a forest; the porch of Little Red Riding Hood’s house is off to the side. As little Red Riding Hood goes off to take a basket of fresh cakes to her ill grandmother, her Mother warns her not to dawdle in the woods or to talk to strangers. The scenery changes without a break to —
Act I, Tableau 2. — a spooky forest. Woodcutters can be heard chopping wood. Riding Hood comes out of some bushes. As she pauses to pick some flowers, and the Wolf catches sight of her. On the path he stops her and makes up a story about a shortcut the Grandmother’s house. When he challenges her to see who will get there first, she agrees, and both of them run off in different directions as the woodcutters resume their work.
Act II. The chorus appears again to explain that the Wolf has not eaten for three days and was able to get to Grandmother’s house first. We see inside Grandmother’s cottage and outside, a glade. The Wolf, pretending to be Riding Hood, manages to get into the house and swallow Grandmother. He takes her place in the bed before Riding Hood arrives. In several questions she expresses her surprise at how differently Grandmother looks now, and the Wolf swallows her.
Some hunters and woodcutters, who have been tracking the Wolf, come by and enter the house. They find the Wolf in his sleep and open his belly to let Grandmother and Riding-Hood out. After they sew up the Wolf again, he repents and is permitted to live in the forest as long as he lives up to his promise to be good.
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