Signup for Makeup Classes: Piano/Voice/Violin (September 18th, 25th & 27th)

Signup for Makeup Classes for September

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Piano, 9/18 from 5pm to 7pm

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Piano 9/18[/calltoaction]

Voice, 9/25 from 6pm to 8pm

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Voice 9/25[/calltoaction]

Violin, 9/27 from 1pm to 3pm

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Violin, 9/27[/calltoaction]

Bring It To Broadway a Success!

Bring It To Broadway a Success!

Many thanks to our two wonderful guest artists, Lauren Pastorek and Shannon O’Bryan, for making this year’s Bring it to Broadway intensive an amazing success! Our theme of “Broadway through the Decades” made for a poignant show that brought the audience to tears. Lauren and Shannon put such a positive spin on the week, and we hope to have them both back next year!

Final photo of our entire cast, Lauren Pastorek and Shannon O'Bryan with a lot of humor!
Image 1: Kaden Hinkle and Michelle Lee in Alone in the Universe and It's Possible Image 2: Rachel Dreher, Julia Jenak and Anna Scholfield in There's Gotta Be Something from Sweet Charity

September 2012 Newsletter: Fill Your Fall With Music

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Help Us Update Our Records!

Please Help us Update our records

We are in the process of updating our client records. Your teacher may ask you to fill out a new information form in order to make sure we have your correct contact information. If you are a student who has been with us for a few years, please don’t be offended if you are asked to do this, as we are just trying to keep our records maintained. If you are a new student and have never filled out a form, this is your time to do so! Thank you!

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